Monday, August 27, 2018

Pinterest Dairy Free Chocolate Candy; Success or Fail?

I love trying out new Pinterest recipes! But sometimes you strike gold, and sometimes you'd rather eat dirt! So I tested this recipe for you!

This recipe was actually pretty good! It's very chocolaty! 

The most interesting part of this recipe was popping quinoa. I had never attempted to pop quinoa, and when the recipe called for rising it first, I thought it wouldn't work.
But it did! after the quinoa dried out in the medium heat pan, they did start popping! It is a satisfying process to watch. 

Adding all the ingredients together is fairly easy after the quinoa has been popped. Then you just pour it into a mold, and your done!

These are a tasty healthy chocolate treat! I don't think there is a real alternative for non-healthy chocolate, but this comes close!

Flavor notes: rich, dark chocolate, slightly bitter, nutty, crunchy, melts very quickly

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