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Photo Ideas for Baby's First Year!

Baby photos! Taking photos of your new little one can be both challenging and rewarding! Take a look at the ideas I used for my baby girl's first year, and the professional photos that inspired them.

A really cute idea I've seen come across my Facebook feed is the idea of taking month-by-month baby photos with a large stuffed animal, or a small cushioned toddler chair. 

This is a great way to track their growth progress, and to let your friends and family know what milestones your little one is hitting this month.

For the text in the above photo I used the PicCollage app. It has been my favorite photo editing app for a long time, and it's great for adding stickers, words, and backgrounds. 

Photographing a baby can be difficult. Their moods are a bit unpredictable, so my advice is to take what you can get, and enjoy the bloopers along the way.

Things to consider while prepping to photograph baby:

1.) Lighting - is there a sufficient amount of natural light for your photo?
2.) Set up - is everything set and ready to go?
3.) Testing the angles - place a stuffed animal where your baby will be, and see what the best angles are for the photo.
4.) Helpers - if you have someone else around, ask them to hold up a toy to get the baby's attention and look up. 

A really useful tool for me, was a good chair. I have a small arm chair that I used to prop baby girl up in this photo. I got most of my props from Meijer and the Dollar Tree. I also left some space blank beneath her feet to type in "Happy Halloween!" on my PicCollage app.

The 4 month photo I took with baby girl outside (warm Fall day), is one of my favorites. The lighting was great, and she smiled so big for me!

I cannot get enough of the Fall leaves! Baby girl was starting to get really good at holding her head up, so I took her outside for a pinterest inspired leaves photo.

At first I tried putting her on top of a pile of leaves, because that's what the pinterest photo looks like it's doing, but I realized with the low angle I was using to take the photo, the leaves should actually be closer to the camera. 

photo credit:

Unfortunately because we traveled for Thanksgiving, I didn't have an opportunity to really plan out a great Thanksgiving photo. I essentially propped baby girl up on the couch and surrounded her with Thanksgiving items. 

If I could do it over again, I would have chosen to do a photo more like this one. Maybe next time!

photo credit:


I did a lot of pinterest research to figure out exactly how I wanted to photograph baby girl for her first Christmas. Our tree was next to a window, which gave us great natural lighting, and allowed me to shut off the lights in the room. The effect was wonderful! The darkness of the room let the Christmas tree lights shine through, and the light from the window gave me great lighting for the photo. 

Pinterst inspiration

photo credit:
For this next photo I spray painted our crib box black on one side and white on another. I used this throughout baby girl's first year for a photo backdrop.


Again I used the large black crib box as a backdrop. I turned the lights off in the room, and I used the natural light from the window to light the photo. 

Pinterest inspiration:

photo credit: pinterst

Saint Patrick's Day!

I will admit I wasn't thrilled with the quality of this photo. I didn't have anything to cover the hole in my backdrop, and there was no natural light. That being said, baby girl did give us a huge smile (daddy was waving around her favorite toy), and I'm glad I captured the memory. I used actual my wedding dress for her to sit on, and I bought the garland from amazon, and the coins from the dollar tree. 


This photo is super simple, but I still love it. I created the tissue paper flower backdrop for a different project, but I thought it would be perfect for baby girl's Easter photo. It worked! 


 For baby girl's first birthday photos we took her to a local landmark. We live near The Ohio State University, and there are large number statues on campus. I have multiple friends who take their kids there every year for their birthday photos. I can't wait to see how she's grows year to year!

This photo was taken at her first birthday party. I had a back drop made from multiple gold foil curtains, and a balloon garland I made. 


I really really love morning light pictures. So even though this photo is simple, I do love how it features her smile, her outfit, and the soft morning light. 

The idea I really wanted to do, I just didn't end up having time for. There's always next year!

photo found on:

The selfie struggle!

Trying to get a decent selfie with your baby is really a two person job. You need someone to distract the baby from the phone, and also to get them to look up!

Not all hope is lost though! I have been able to get a few decent selfies with baby girl by myself.

Pinterest ideas I want to try this year!

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