Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Using Contact Paper to Upcycle Old Tables

I saw this idea on Pinterest ages ago. I loved the results so much I did two tables!

For this upcycled table project I purchased this contact paper.

I used this smoothing tool as well.

This project isn't difficult, it just takes patience. I placed one large strip in the center of the table, and two smaller strips down the sides. I left about an inch of contact paper over the boarder of the table to fold under. Round tables are a bit more tricky in that you have to get clever with your folding techniques to get the contact paper perfectly flush with the curve of the table. 

You need to go slowly when peeling the backing off the contact paper, and use the smoothing tool as you go to get rid of any air bubbles that appear. 

A quick and simple tutorial video I found I YouTube, might also be helpful.

I liked the results from this first table so much I did another one! Unfortunately, I do not have a before picture of this table.

I used black marble contact paper for this second project.

Amazon $24.50
This second table was much easier since it is a simple rectangle design. 

I've had both tables for a few years now, and the contact paper has proven to be a great table surface. The downside, is that it can be difficult to repair. When moving a few years ago, I scratched a bit of the white marble contact paper off. To repair the hole, I patched it with white duck tape. 

I've received many compliments on my tables, and often times people think they were store bought. I am very happy with the results, and I hope you give it a try yourself!

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