Monday, July 9, 2018

The Sci-Fi Book Series That Saved My Sanity

Have you ever had a book series save your sanity in a dark time of your life? That book series for me was the Vorkosigan book series.

I needed an audiobook suggestion for my new audible account, and a coworker suggested a sic-fi book that started as a Star Trek fan fic. Shards of Honor blew my mind! It's easy to get into, female-centric, wonderful sic-fi, and a life-saver for my long commute.

The story follows Cordelia Naismith, a survey space ship captain, and her bizarre tale of being taken prisoner by Aral Vorkosigan, a Barrayan ship captain facing problems of his own. Do they team up, and help each other, or do they fight each other, and go their separate ways? You'll have to read it to find out.


Cordelia is a true gem of a character, and I love seeing the world through her eyes, but the excitement doesn't end with her. Without giving too much away, I'll just say, the main character of the third book in the series goes on some crazy adventures. Often times, I had to sit in my driveway listening to the end of whatever chapter I was on, because I could not move forward in my life without knowing what happened to them!


The true charm of this book series is the exploration of generations, and the effect each generation has on the next. The book series starts at a crazy time on the Barrayar planet, and the characters have to do crazy things to survive. But as time passes the future generations get to thrive, and continue the work of previous generations by making much needed changes to their society.

Because this book series is so well written, you get very connected to each character, and feel the deep pain of each death.

The author Lois McMaster Bujold also explores some progressive views of gender fluidity, and how reproductive technology can propel a society forward.

It seems everyone has a book/book series where they wish they could go back in time, and reread it all over again. This is mine. This book series helped me stay sane through my long commute to and from work everyday. It's also a nice break from the news. - official website

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