Sunday, July 15, 2018

Birthday Cupcake Candle

This display candle is especially useful for me as I have three older sisters, and all four of us plus my mom have birthday's within two weeks of each other. 

Each May is birthday month in my family. So that's when I get out the birthday cupcake candle!

The techniques used to make this candle are similar to my previous post 4th of July candle DIY.

The added element for making this candle really stand out, is using corn syrup as a glue to get the sprinkles to stick to the sides. 

I coated the sides in corn syrup and then poured sprinkles on the sides. I did notice there was a tendency for the syrup and sprinkles to all side down to the bottom, so I would coat one side of the mug with syrup and sprinkles and place it in the freezer to set. I then repeated this process for all four sides. I let the mug raise close to room temperature before pour the hot wax in so it wouldn't crack the mug. 

Then I dyed my white wax flakes pink, and then let it cool until the wax was a creamy like consistency. 

Then I put the wax in a ziplock bag, and cut a hole in the end for piping. 

That's it! You've made a birthday cupcake candle!

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