Monday, June 4, 2018

Wood Etching Father's Day Present

This is a simple diy gift you can make in less than an hour!

What you'll need:

1.) Start your project by writing in pencil on your wood frame. You will trace these lines with the focused ray of sun you gain from using the magnifying glass. 

4.) Put on a pair of sunglass, and then put the welding mask over those. I do not advise doing this project without welding googles, as you could injure your eyes.

3.) Use your magnifying glass to focus a ray of sun to a small point on your wooden frame. Once the focal point starts burning into the wood you can slowly move the point in the direction you want to trace your letters. You can used a regular magnifying glass, but I prefer one with a long flexible handle. I find it gives me more control over my tracing with the focused ray of sun. 

4.) That's it! Enjoy your finished project! You can put a finish on the wood if you want as well.

This wood etching technique can also be used for other DIY gifts. I made this baby shower gift for my friend. :)


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