Friday, June 1, 2018

Water Play Activity For Babies

I am interested in buying a water table for my almost one-year-old, but I decided to go the cheap route first to see how she likes playing in water. 

I used a cookie/cupcake tupperware I got from the dollar tree to fill with water, and I also gave her a small serving bowl, a lufa, a baby water ball, a ring from her ring stacker toy, an ice tray, and a spatula. 

She was mainly interested in the toys before she got interested in the water. This was also her first time interacting with ice cubes, and she loved them! She ate three!

The star attraction was defiantly the spatula. She played with the spatula for the rest of the night long after our water play time was over. 

After a while she discovered the water in the tupperware, and started splashing quite a bit.

However, she did realize she could pour the water out not too long after she started splashing.

I refilled the tupperware a few more times, but then I gave up, and let her play with the toys. 

She thoroughly enjoyed playing with the toys, and splashing in the water. The big hits were the spatula and the ice cubes. This is definitely an activity we'll be doing again this summer.

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