Thursday, June 14, 2018

Inflatable Pool Playpen

This has been a life saver! Baby girl loves her inflatable pool play pen! 

We have two designated baby play areas in our house. One is in our living room where we've blocked our tv off with a baby fence. The other area is my craft room. That is where the inflatable pool play pen is. 

This has worked great for us. Sometimes baby girl gets bored in the living room, so it's nice to bring her to a different play area in the house. We keep the toys from each play area separate so each space can be exciting for her. 

I will warn anyone who does want to create their own inflatable play pen, that they  might want to buy an electric air pump. There's just no way you could successfully blow this whole thing up without one. 

Here is the list of items we keep in the inflatable pool play pen:

BPA Free Plastic Ball Pit Balls

Shag Rug - used for sensory play
Foam Interlocking Tiles
Stacking Rings
plush rabbit 

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