Monday, June 25, 2018

How To Make Glamorous Cake Pops The Lazy Way

I have been called a semi-homemade baker, and I am not ashamed!

What you'll need:

I was super lazy about making these cake pops. I really wanted them to be square, but my plan for using a square silicone mold didn't work (I made the coating to thin), and I didn't have a lot of time to improvise. 

I bought a pre-made cake from the grocery store, and mixed that together until I had the right consistency to make my cake pop balls. 

However, instead of making the traditional balls, I molded the cake pops into squares. Then I poured the melted candy melts over the cake pops, and filled in any holes using a spoon. 

Before the candy melts set, I sprinkled on the edible gold stars. 

Pro tip: To make your candy melts thin enough to spread over your cake pop, add vegetable shorting until you've reached the consistency you desire. 

After the candy melts have set, take a small brush, and brush on the gold pearl dust for a fun photo finish to your cake pops. 

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