Friday, June 29, 2018

Fourth Of July Candle DIY

Are you ready for fireworks, cookouts, pie, and family time?! I know I am! I love making festive candles to display on my kitchen window sill, and this is my new favorite!

What you'll need:

I buy wax melts instead of dying wax flakes. I find it is much quicker, and much less work this way. 

To recreate this candle, you'll want to melt some red wax cubes. You can do this by microwaving wax in a glass bowl, or by placing a metal wax melting canister in bowling water. 

Next you'll want to pour the wax into your mug. I like to wait for the candle wax to harden a bit, and then put my wick in, but there are many people who super glue their candle wick in before pouring the wax into their container. Either way works fine. 

You want to repeat this process for the blue wax, and for a solid layer of the white wax.

Now for the tricky part. You have to make the "frosting". I melted white wax flakes in a plastic cup, until I got a creamy consistency. 

Then I scooped the wax into a ziplock bag, and I cut one of the corners off. 

Then I pressed the wax through the hole to get a frosting look on the candle. 

TA DA! You have your very own Fourth of July Candle!

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