Saturday, June 9, 2018

Easy Silicone Mold Cake Pops

Have you ever wondered if you can make cake pops in a mold instead of on a stick? Me too! I saw this video from the cartoon network channel on youtube on how to make gemstone cake pops. I had to try it myself!

What you'll need:

1.)  Get your silicone mold of choice. I used a flower silicone mold and a heart silicone mold.

2.) Bake a cake according to the directions. I was super lazy with this batch of cake pops and I just bought a cake slice from my local grocery store.

3.) Mash the cake and frosting together.

4.) Pour your melted chocolate into your mold. For the flower mold I splattered two different colors of chocolate onto the mold. Then tap the mold onto your surface to make sure the chocolate fills all the little spaces. 


5.) Let the silicone mold sit in the fridge to harden the chocolate.

6.) Pour the third chocolate color into the mold. (don't forget to tap down again to fill all those spaces!)

7.) Add a ball of your cake and frosting mixture into the chocolate. Don't overfill the mold. Try to keep the cake mixture level or a little below to the top of the mold.

8.) Pour chocolate over the cake mixture.

9.) Place the silicone mold in the freezer over night. 

10.) Push cake pops out of mold.

11.) Enjoy!

A few extra tips:

1.) Do not forgot to tap the silicone mold on the counter once the chocolate has been poured. If you skip this step, the chocolate will not get to the bottom of the mold, and your cake pops will not look smooth. 

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