Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Cross Stitch Love

I would like to introduce you to my cross stitch patterns!

I've been cross stitching for a few years now, and I've dabbled in creating some patterns of my own.

Cross stitching for me is a way to relax. I enjoy minimalist patters that are pretty, but also quick to get through.

There is a story behind each cross stitch pattern I've created. The first pattern I created was the Indianapolis Skyline pattern. I grew up in Indy, and I miss my native city dearly. The skyline pattern is special to me because down town Indianapolis is a special place. Monument circle is a great place to explore, along with all the little shops surrounding it.

Indy Skyline Pattern $3.50

Spike Is My Spirit Animal is a nostalgic nod to my childhood. I loved the movie "A Land Before Time" growing up, and Spike is a spirit animal we could all use in these trying times. He's super chill, but always kind and helpful. 

Spike Is My Spirit Animal Pattern $3.00

I spent my freshman year of college at a small university in Minneapolis, MN. I really enjoyed my time in the artsy city, and when my sister moved there, it inspired me to create a Minneapolis Skyline pattern for my fellow cross stitchers to enjoy.

Minneapolis Skyline Pattern $3.50

Dreams Are For Losers came about from an inside joke. My brother-in-law mentioned that he hoped his daughter would pursue a career she would really enjoy doing, and that she would follow her dreams. My exact response was "dreams are for losers", which garnered a lot of laughs.

Dreams Are For Losers Pattern $2.00

What are your favorite cross stitch patterns? Do you have a fun story behind a needlepoint project you've created? Comment below!

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