Friday, September 22, 2017

Newborn Must Haves

It has been almost a year since I had my baby girl. Time really does fly! I updated my list of newborn must-haves for all you expectant moms out there! (Last updated 6/9/2018)

Must haves:

 1.) Buy a big package of newborn onesies. - Newborns spit up A LOT. So you’ll go through onesies very quickly. Bibs will help with that too.


2.) Small hand towels – the first couple baths you give the baby will be a sponge bath until her umbilical cord falls off. So what I did is put a small warm wet hand towel on her torso while I was washing the rest of her so she would stay warm.


 3.) would suggest getting non-scented baby wipes. Faye got a diaper rash at 2 weeks old, and it happened the first time we used scented wipes. I’m not sure if that was the cause, but I haven’t been a fan of them ever since.

  4.) If you plan on breastfeeding, a nursing pillow will help.

5.) I was lucky enough to receive this diaper bag from my baby registry as a gift. My favorite thing about this bag is that the side pockets are magnetically latched shut with hidden magnets. 

6.) Buy a stroller/car seat travel system. I did not originally buy a car seat travel system. I went the cheap route and bought the car seat and stroller separately. With an infant, you really don't want to wake them up to move them from the car seat, and then buckle them up in a separate stroller. What I did to remedy the situation was buy a generic strap-n-go stroller (pictured) that you can put almost any car seat in. 

7.) Extra crib sheets are super helpful for when the baby pees through her/his diaper or spits up during the night. 

8.) If you’re breastfeeding a bottle warmer will be useful.
9.)portable changing pad has been helpful. We sometimes put the pad on the carpeted floor and change Faye there. 


10.) Our bottle of choice is the MAM bottle. I had received some used Dr. Brown bottles from a friend, and I had planned on using those. However, at our first pediatric appointment (2 days after the birth) we received a goody bag with the pictured MAM bottle. Our daughter liked it so much more than the Dr. Brown bottles that we switched to MAM brand only. (link below picture)

As a side note, it is hard to know what kind of bottles your baby will take to the best. I have friends who bought one brand, just to find their baby really only likes a different brand. So it is a guessing game, but for us the MAM bottle is what worked. The nipple is designed somewhat like a breast nipple, and the bottles are good quality. 

MAM bottle on Amazon

11.) Swaddleme brand baby wraps. Baby girl doesn’t sleep well if she’s not in a wrap, and it's not safe to let an infant sleep in a blanket.

swaddleme baby wraps on amazon

12.) Infant bath tub. I wanted the fancy fabric flower thing that fits in your kitchen sink, but it was a expensive for me. So I went with a hard plastic tub with a detectable mesh net, that also fits in our sink. I am really happy with this purchase. The mesh netting was great for when she was an infant, and it was easy to detach when she out grew it. 

tub listing on amazon $20


13.) Baby play gym. It was around 4-6 weeks that we started putting Faye in her play gym and she loved it! She really really liked being on her back and looking at things. Every baby is different, but we found this product very useful. 

Baby Play Gym on Amazon


14.) We were lucky enough to have this pack 'n play gifted to us. It has been great to have a bassinet and changing station in our living room instead of just in the baby's room. 

15.) Car seat strap covers are a must have. Without these baby girl's head would tilt down too much, and I was afraid she was either uncomfortable or would maybe stop breathing. Fortunately they are very cheap. 

16.) Car seat head support. This will help keep the baby warm in the winter as well. 


17.) Bottle drying rack. Remember to clean these often, or the water that drains from the bottles will build up. 


18.) Bottle brush. I really like this one my mom bought me.

Basic items:

  •         Baby wash & Shampoo: Aveeno Baby
  •         Diapers, wipes, and formula all can be bought at Aldi.

Other tips:

·         After you’ve purchased and installed your car seat, practice strapping in a stuffed animal that will be about the size of a baby. This gives you practice and allows you to see if you need to tighten or loosen the straps.

Newborn schedule:

  •      Faye ate every 2-3 hours for the first couple weeks. We would change her diaper before we gave her a bottle since she typically falls asleep after she eats, and we didn’t want to wake her up for a diaper change.
  •   We burped her after she ate and then held her upright/vertical for 15-30 minutes after she ate so she wouldn’t spit up.

Youtube has a lot of videos on how to take care of a baby. We looked up how “How to give baby their first bath”, “Tips on breastfeeding”, “Tummy time” etc.

Here are the videos I found helpful:
Breastfeeding – getting a good latch-

What not to buy:

We did not buy a diaper genie, and we don’t regret it. We just put diapers in the regular trash and it never smelled.

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