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Must Have Items While Recovering From Childbirth

UPDATED: 6/28/2018

It's been one year since I had my baby girl!

I will admit those first two weeks were brutal. Infants are not easy creatures to take care of. Then add your deep need for recovery, and it feels impossible at times.

I had a vaginal birth with a small tear. So for me, the two week mark was when I finally started feeling normal again. It wasn't until 4 weeks postpartum that I started to feel good again. 

Be Patient, But Also Realistic

Your stomach, whether you were tiny or more of an average build, is going to be a bit jiggly for a while.. My flat stomach is gone. It's been a year, and it's still very jello-y. I'll admit that I haven't done a lot of core training, but I didn't before I got pregnant either. 

Also my rings still don't fit. Many women have to stop wearing their wedding rings when they get farther along in their pregnancy. I just didn't realize it would be over a year before I got to wear them again. 

It is difficult to get a workout routine together while also caring for a baby. So be patient with yourself, and learn to love your body where it is right now. You will eventually get to a place where you have enough time to workout consistently, or so I keep telling myself. 

Instead of desperately trying to carve out 30 minutes of workout time every day, I give myself permission to work on a craft, or plan  our next family outing. I do enjoy running so there are days that I forgo laundry for a run, because me time is important. 

Do The Best You Can

I do eat as healthy as I can, but that's also hard. Healthly eating requires food prep, and there are weekends where I just say screw it, and buy a bag of BBQ wings to heat up for dinner throughout the week. 

I'm not where I want to be right now, but I know I'll get there eventually. I've learned to love my body where it is. One day I'll have more time to make workout a priority, but I just don't have time to reasonably do that right now, and that's ok. I'm enjoying my baby snuggles, and my occasional run. I'm giving myself permission to take my time, and love myself as I am. 

What do you really need?

Here is a list of things I used while recovering after having my baby girl:

Nursing top:
I had my baby in the summer, so having a supportive tank top was great to wear around the house. It also made breastfeeding easier.

You sweat so much night those first two weeks. I would suggest wearing something looser at night, and having a 2nd set of PJs nearby. You don't want to get up to pee in the middle of the night to find yourself drenched from head to toe in sweat, and then have to look around for another set of pjs. Keep them near by!

Nursing bra:
Underwire bras are a no go for a while after giving birth, so getting some sports bras and nursing bras are a good investment. 
I didn't end up breastfeeding beyond the first couple days, but I still like wearing the nursing bras I purchased since they are so comfortable. I would also suggest getting a size or more larger than you are since you'll likely need a bigger bra when you're newly postpartum. 

Other Items:
  •   A couple packages of pads
  •  Buy one handed snacks/premade snack food. -  You won’t want to cook or make anything the first two weeks. So premade snacks you can eat with one hand are a must.
  •  Tucks pads – hemorrhoids are very likely to happen.
  •  Stoll softener – start taking stoll softener your last month of pregnancy to prevent getting hemorrhoids before you give birth. The hospital will encourage you to keep taking them after you give birth as well.
  • Frozen meals - I had no energy to cook anything. So if you can pre-make meals or buy freezer meals do it. 


What not to buy:

        - This was an idea I found on pinterest. It takes a normal menstrual pad, unwrapping it, putting aloe gel and witch hazel on it, and wrapping it back up, then freezing it. Although I did tear, and the relief was nice, I would not use these again. I realized how much I can't stand the smell of witch hazel. My whole bathroom smelled terrible to me, and the freezer started to smell like witch hazel too. So it's up to you, but I didn't find the smell worth the relief. 
  •          My doctor said belly creams to get rid of stretch marks typically don’t work. So I haven’t tried any.
  •         I’ve seen a lot about belly bands after birth, and my doctor advised against it saying it weakens the back muscles. So talk to your doctor before purchasing a postpartum belly band.
  •         Nipple cream is a toss up. My doctor said it’s better to let some milk dry on the nipple to help heal/sooth it, but the hospital offered nipple cream to me. Needless to say I am still confused on whether or not a new mom should buy nipple cream or not. 

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